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This blog has been in mental and emotional gestation for some time. The idea of collating my wisdom, insights, tips and mullings for the benefit of all those who already rely on them around the world–and those who’ve just started and those who don’t realise it yet but will!–came to me in a flash. I’ve spent the past decade liberally emailing dozens of suggestions and musings every week, to all sorts of people. On where to eat, what to read, what to visit, whom to call. I do it constantly, compulsively and with great delight. And because I have developed, ahem, something of a reputation, it was time to take it to the next level. Huge ado about the choice of name here: What’s cool? Edgyness? Wisdom you can use? Edge of Wisdom? Edge-G? Loving friends in four countries sweated this out with me big time. In the end, the obvious percolated as if by magic: So Gilly, what could be more me?

In my next life, I know I will come back as the Concierge of some fabulous NY or Paris hotel but, for now, I’ll use this medium to share and extol. I have things to say. Some of it useful, some of it fun, all of it worth a browse. Stay tuned.