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Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk

Posted on 07. May, 2010 by gilly in DO

Picture this: thousands of women, united by a tangible, heart and soul desire to help each other and others they don’t know, march loudly and excitedly through the streets of Edinburgh.

In their bras.

By moonlight.

For 42 kilometers.

You don’t have to imagine much longer, here’s a clip from last year’s event.

I had the great privilege of sitting next to a fabulous Danish woman (I am lucky: this happens to me a lot, meeting fabulous women) at an all gals’ dinner (to celebrate a friend’s divorce signing, but that’s another story), who told me about the Moonwalk which she and her sister are walking this June 19th in Edinburgh.

With thousands of others, Henriette is collecting funds for breast cancer research. A breast cancer survivor herself, she lights up from the inside when telling me about the Moonwalk. I was so humbled and impressed, I couldn’t fall asleep that night. By 7am, I’d already harassed journalist friends to cover the Moonwalk, in some form.

In keeping with its name, the Moonwalk starts at midnight. To prepare for the 42km march, Henriette has been walking through Brussels streets and parks for an average 4 hours a day since December. Last Sunday, for the first time, she walked a full 30km, her daughter biking enthusiastically alongside. At her current pace, given the days left to go and the training program she downloaded “and more or less followed,” Henriette reckons she’ll get in at just under 7 hours.

If you’ve ever had breast cancer, known anyone who has, or lost someone to breast cancer you might want to have a look—or a walk (and/or pledge money, of course!). And even if you haven’t, for God’s sake, look anyway!

8 Responses to “Walk the Walk”

  1. gilly

    11. Mar, 2011

    ….better still: u join me in your bikini Stefan. You know, the leopard print one….

  2. Stef

    11. Mar, 2011

    What’s wrong with the 10KM d’Uccle?

    You could do them in your bikini, or, better still, …..

  3. gilly

    16. May, 2010

    Tout a fait d’accord! Je crois que Bruxelles est effectivement prete a faire autre chose que les 20km (voir les 10mn d’Uccle!). It’s time to try something new, et ELLE pourrai servir de force federatrice dans cet entreprise ou les sponsors devraient etre facile a rameuter, non? On en parle tres vite!

  4. bea

    16. May, 2010

    Let’s speak about it (again). Why not to organise one Moonwalk in Brussels, Gilly ? With ELLE Belgique and Alfonza Salamone (RTBf). In next september or october.

  5. gilly

    08. May, 2010

    Thanks Sanne, you and yr sister are a powerful inspiration. I wish you all the best on June 19th and hope I can make it next year. Henriette is truly amazing (which you already knew)!

  6. Sanne Nielsen

    07. May, 2010

    Thank you for posting this! Words can’t describe how happy I am that my sister and I are doing this together a mere three years after her diagnosis. I am totally in awe of her strength and determination!

    The more we can spread the word of this important cause, the better.

    Love, Sanne (Henriette’s sister)

  7. gilly

    07. May, 2010

    Thanks Tina. Something to consider doing together next year?

  8. Tina de Meeus

    07. May, 2010

    Great post! Moving and inspiring!

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