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Xtreme Pedicures

Xtreme Pedicures

Posted on 09. Oct, 2009 by gilly in DO

Gone are the days of savagely scrubbing your feet with a pumice stone or such other primitive device. Today you can recline and let someone else slough it off. And not just that nice, hard-working pedicurist, rather, an armada of 150 swarming Gama rufas. These tiny toothless Asian carp crave dead skincells the way we do salty nuts, and will tenderly nibble your tootsies until–tahdah!–15 minutes and roughly 40euros later they are smooth as sashimi! All you do is dunk your feet in the warmish tank, sit back and let yourself be munched on. A new Asian wellness center in my neighborhood was promoting the Gama Rufa fantasia in its fliers. I recently asked the owner whose son is friends with mine, how it was going.”You need at least 500 fish to get it going, so I ordered an initial 2000 from China. The paperwork to ship them over was hell and they all died a few days after arrival. I blame the airline,” she explained, deadpan,”They let their water get too cold while they were in transfer in Frankfurt.”

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