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Create harmony with your face alone

Create harmony with your face alone

Posted on 29. Aug, 2009 by admin in SEE

I’m a huge fan of the TED lecture series, originally an annual event in Monterey, California, now fast spreading to other parts of the world. These 20-minute talks on topics that shake up the status quo and get ideas to spread are like a happy pill: listen to almost any one and you’re bound to feel your synapses firing away and your urge to share what you’ve learned propel you to email someone within nanoseconds. Here’s a TED talk (not that recent but only recently brought to my attention) by Itay Talgam a quirky, cocky, wonderfully in-you-face-Israeli and former orchestra conductor. The point he makes is so universal and so central to all inspiring leadership and so fundamentally human. And, he’s funny. Enjoy!

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